Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Bowler Hat is Back

It is official the quintessential British Bowler Hat is back, and it must be true as The Sun newspaper has it on their Website accompanied by a Picture of Funny Man Charlie Chaplin wearing one. Also The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Express papers have all reported on the Comeback of the Traditional Bowler hat.

So what has caused this massive comeback? Is it a sharp and hip new TV Hero Like Steed from The Avengers, Perhaps a new cult film like Clockwork Orange..Um, well after some research it's probably down to actor Jude Law, Lindsay Lohen, Fearne Cotton and a girl in the final Big Brother series wore one.

The Bowler hat, which is also known as a derby hat in America was first made in 1849 by hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler. It was designed to protect the gameskeeper head while working in the fields. The keepers had previously worn Top Hats, but they (obviously) kept falling off. The hat was made for William Coke, and when he went to Lock and company hats to collect it, he placed the Bowler on the floor and stamped on it, he was happy with the hat and paid the twelve shillings.

Bowler Hat Heroes- Mr Benn, Laurel and Hardy, Alex from Clockwork Orange, Homepride Men, Steed from The Avengers, Acker Bilk, James Bond baddie Oddjob and Rumpole of the bailey.

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  1. Nice post. But now I'm imagining the Bowler Hat Heroes all down the pub having a jolly time together. It's a bit surreal, but they seem like a nice bunch. The others seem to keep Oddjob and Alex in check.



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