Thursday, 14 October 2010

Breton Caps

Breton caps have been a stable fixture in Headstart Hats itenary since the beginning, we've been selling them since we started off selling headwear, hats and caps on ebay. They tick all the boxes, they're Classic, Timeless and Smart.

The main problem with Breton caps is their name. Over the years we've seen them called (Take deep breath) Clipper hat, Mariner cap, Greek Fisherman's Hat, Bretton Cap, Beatles Hat, Donovan Hat, Bargee Cap, Captain cap, Fiddlers cap, Bretagne Cap, Lennon cap and hat like Uncle Albert from Only fools and horses wore. As you can see they are a keyword nightmare, So Headstart Hats stuck to Breton cap.

The Breton cap was first worn by Greek fishermen and sailors while they were out at sea. But its popularity was catapulted when John Lennon wore one on The Beatles 1964 USA tour, then it became an iconic piece of headwear of the Sixties, and was one of the first items of clothing to be classed as "Unisex", Edie Sedgwick would be seen wearing one as well as The Small Faces.

During the 90's a new generation of Mods championed the breton. Ocean Color Scene were regular wearers and Oasis man Liam  Gallagher sported one, and  Mr G later produced a range called "Lennon Cap" for his Pretty Green clothing label.

So, It looks like the breton cap has maintained it's cool through several decades, and may it long continue.

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