Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Here comes the Summer. Straw Trilby Hat time

Straw Trilby hats have had a revival over the last few years, they have gone from hats worn at the Seaside (sometimes with the addition of a "Kiss me quick" slogan) to being the choice head wear for celebs like Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole.

They have also become popular head wear at UK festivals, The Libertines Pete Doherty and Carl Barat were probably responsible for setting off the trend amongst indie inspired Teenagers. During The Libertines peak, Listing  a "Pete Doherty Straw Trilby Hat"  on ebay would take the price of the  Straw Trilby sky high.

The panama style straw trilby hats have always been popular. The panama hat conjures up images of Gents lounging in the French riviera or a day out at the races in Newmarket. These days though, you are just as likely to see someone wearing one while grooving away in the dance tent at Glastonbury festival.

As the hats have become more popular over the years, there are now more variations of style and colours made. There's the natural  straw coloured ones, the classy looking panama style hats and pork pie style coloured ones. With such a choice it makes it easier to keep an individual look, whether you are dressing for a formal occasion or going casual with shorts and T Shirt on the beach.

So, get ready for te Summer with a straw trilby hat. Headstart hats have a wide range of stylish straw hats for ladies and gents. Whether you are going for a beach holiday abroad or spending the weekend at a music festival, the straw trilby hat will keep you looking and feeling cool.

Check out our celebrity straw trilby hat gallery

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