Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Which Size Do I Order?

 Trying on hat = protection from La Canicule!

One of the problems of buying hats or any clothing on line is making sure you get the correct size. Whether it's a purchase for yourself or a present for a friend or member of the family.

If you're buying for yourself, it is obviously easier. When you need to find out your hat size take a flexible tape measure and take the measurement just above your brow and hey presto you have your hat size.

However, if you haven't got a tape measure handy or you may need it as a present, then we recommend that you go for the hats that say One Size Fits All With this option you can 99.9% guarantee that it will fit you and it will also save you the embarrassment of trying to measure your Dad's head while he's asleep - check out some of our One Size Fits all, including some dapper Straw Trilby Hats

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